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3R Wellness & Massage

Restore, Rejuvenate & Relax

Everybody deserves to be happy in their body and pain free.  3R Wellness & Massage,  is the ultimate therapeutic and holistic center for you.

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Balances the whole body from chronic pain, injury recovery and overworked bodies. This massage is more focused based than regular massage using a variety 1) Techniques include Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue,  Lymphatic massage, Trigger Point,  Sport Massage, Range of Motion Stretching through assisted and PNF.  2)  Tools that may be used , fascia blaster, massage gun, Essential Oils,  KT Tape, Deep Tissue Cream, Hot Stones, Hot Towels


Rejuvenating Body Massage is deep tissue mixed with Swedish which manipulates the soft tissues beneath the body as needed for the treatment to relive the body of stress or pain. Hot Towels are  added when needed. Hot stones, essential oils may also be added.

Other massages are also available


Relaxation massage is a form of Swedish massage that focuses on providing general relaxation, relieving muscle tension and improving blood circulation. This treatment designed to relax and soothe you, but not to relieve chronic pain or other underlying conditions. it is great for a first time massage.


The ear is a microsystem of the entire body.
Ear Seeds are a non-invasive, safe and effective tool used to stimulate nerve endings / pressure points in this microsystem.
Ear Seeds consist of tiny seeds, beads or pellets that stick to the surface of your ear with tape.


Come Visit Us

Sunday         by Appointment Only 

Monday        Closed

Tuesday        9 am - 9 pm

Wednesday   by Appointment Only

Thursday      10 am - 9 pm

 Friday           10 am - 9 pm

Saturday       10 am - 6 pm

2770 East Franklin Rd

Meridian Idaho 83642


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 3R Wellness & Massage, LLC

We are a Mother / Daughter team

 We believe in the power of self-care and cant wait to help you on your journey to

Restore your Body, Rejuvenate your Spirit and Relax your Mind

- through a Holistic and Therapeutic approach. 

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